Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...

...but my bed is sooooo delightful!!

Mom and Dad bought me this special bedding set for my crate for Christmas. It came in the mail yesterday, and because Mom spoils me so much, she let me open it up before Christmas!

It comes with a special outer covering to make my crate seem like a nice, dark doggie den. It also has a special piece of "bumper" fabric that lines the inside edge of the crate, so that when I lean up against it, I won't feel the cold, metal bars of the crate.

The best part is the cushion that goes on the bottom of the crate. It's so fluffy and soft. Much better than the piece of fleece that I had before.

There's me below. I was loving my new crate so much that I went to bed super early last night. Mom came looking for me. When she found me, she just shook her head and asked me why I was being so antisocial.

Well, Mom, if you had a supernice bed like mine, you might never want to come out either!

P.S. The white thing is my blankie. I will never give up my blankie no matter how much they upgrade me!!


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