Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rocking Around (Under?) the Christmas Tree

Mom and Dad put up our Christmas tree on Monday night, and I gotta tell ya -- they got some nerve. You know where they put the tree? Right where my little bed used to be. Yeah, you heard me right. Mom and Dad kicked me out! Now, my bed is over by our fireplace. Or rather, "fireplace." (It's totally fake. It doesn't work. Mom and Dad found that out after they bought our house. Suckas.)

Anyway, this tree is not little. It takes up a huge chunk of our living room, and now I barely have any place to play. My toys are always getting stuck under the tree and I gotta go dig for them. Of course, when I do that, I get yelled out. "Stop messing with the tree, Oscar!" Well, I'm not...I just want my freaking toys back Mom and Dad!!

I will say though, it is handy for a little bit of coverage. And the velvet tree skirt is very soft. Whenever I wanna relax, I just chill out under the tree.

This is me after an especially rigorous play session with my tennis ball. I'm taking a breather before I get back out there for some more serious play time.

Has your Christmas tree gone up yet?


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