Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dogs Do the Darnedest Things!

After nearly four months, Mom finally took me to the groomer today for my haircut. (Shudder)

The groomer lady nearly cut off 5 lbs of hair and now I'm a skinny, shriveled mess of a doggie. How am I supposed to look thug when I'm practically bald?? At least she kept my eyelashes in tact this time -- strict orders from Mom, and you don't want to mess with Mom.

So tonight, Mom decided to take me for a walk around the block except I didn't want to go. I look like a laughing stock, and she wanted me to parade it down the street? Aw hells nah.

So we get down the block and I'm digging in my heels the whole time while Mom is trying to tug me down the street. Well, she tugged so hard that my collar slipped right off my neck (thanks to my new haircut, the collar hangs a lot looser). So I do what any sane dog would do, I make a beeline all the way down the block, into my yard, up the porch and to the front door of my house -- with Mom chasing me all the way home.

How do you like dem apples, huh? [grin]