Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Mornings are my Favorite

I love Saturdays because both Dad and Mom are home all day with me. But what I hate is that it takes them soooo long to wake up. That means I gotta hold the bladder for a couple hours longer than I'm accustomed to. And worst yet, it means I have to wait longer to get my breakfast!!

Mom and Dad sleep upstairs, and I sleep downstairs in the living room. They have a fence that they put up so that I can't get upstairs. Wah. So all I can do is whine and wait for them to notice me. Here I am waiting for Dad to come downstairs and take me out for my morning pee 'n poo.

Once the insides get cleaned out, it's time to eat! I keep my eye on Dad very, very closely. You never know, blink and it may be gone.

Once Dad gives me the signal, then I can finally eat. Yummmmm.

And then once I finish my breakfast (which I always do anyway), I get a special treat: a Dentastix! They clean my teeth and help freshen my breath, but I think they just taste plain delish.

Once I finish my morning ritual, I go lie on the couch all day. Today, I actually slept in my crate in the morning while Mom made soap and Dad painted the coffee table. It was a rainy morning perfect for just lazing around, something I do best.


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