Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bath Time Stinks

I've been having some major issues with my skin these past couple of weeks. Most of the hair on my legs has turned dark brown because of all the licking that I've been doing trying to soothe my poor, irritated skin. This happened around the same time last year, so I'm wondering if it's a seasonal allergy type thing.

Either way, Mom and Dad have taken it into their own hands to give me regular baths now, using special medicated shampoo from the vet. It sucks!

Here I am shivering my butt off in the tub. Thankfully Mom and Dad only washed my legs here, so at least part of me wasn't freezing cold. But they did make me stay in the tub for 10 whole minutes to let the shampoo set in.

Poor me. Sigh.

When I was finally rinsed off and allowed out of the tub (sweet freedom), I ran around the first floor like a mad man. Something about water just makes me go nuts. I do the same thing if I've been out in the rain too. Mom and Dad find it very amusing, but really, I'm just trying to dry myself out. Duhhhhh.


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