Thursday, September 20, 2007


Mom and Dad bought me my very own fluffy dog bed this weekend. They even let me pick it out myself! (See picture below. See how happy I am?) It was blue and had little creamy-colored flowers on it. And it was very fluffy! [Fluffaluffagus!]

The best part was that it carried this delightfully alluring smell...a mix of doggie sweat, doggie drool, and the sweet pulp of partially digested Milkbone. just drove me nuts....a lovelier smell I have never smelled before!! As Sarah Jessica Parker said so famously in her recent Covet perfume ad: I had to have it!

If you'll see below, I was not able to get at the smell, no matter how hard I tried. And I tried. Oh, did I try! (Note the ear floppage from my harried efforts.)

In the end, in a desperate attempt at owning the bed, I peed on it to mark it. But unfortunately, Mom and Dad were having none of that, and threw it out.

And that was the end of my fluffy bed. (Goodbye Fluffaluffagus.)


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