Monday, October 15, 2007

This is How I Would Look If I Were Hung Over

Boy, did I have a crazzzy weekend! I was supposed to go to PetSmart Saturday for a bath and brush, but they wouldn't take me cuz I was on Dramamine. (Mom and Dad dope me up on car trips cuz I get all barfy barfy from the motion sickness.)

Since that turned out to be a bust (thank the Good Lord), Mom and Dad decided to take me to the dog park for some fun! It was our very first time, and we were so excited!! In fact, Mom and Dad were more excited than even I was, going on and on, jabbering with the other owners and petting the other dogs. It was a little embarrassing, but that's parents for ya!

I met so many friendly, nice dogs -- I have never smelled so many doggie butts all in one day! But I did have one scary run-in with a pack of five or six big dogs. They were all playing and having a good ol' time and basically ignoring me. So in an attempt to grab their attention, I sent a few barks their way. The next thing you know, they're all running after me, and I know I'm in big doo-doo (excuse my French). Anyway, Mom and Dad rescued me, and thankfully I walked away without a scratch, but that's the last time I go scrapping with dogs who are three times my size!

Then on Sunday, I had a bit of an accident. I poo'ed and peed on Mom and Dad's new Oriental rugs. Mom and Dad assured me that it wasn't my fault; they shouldn't have left me for so long during the day. But I still feel bad cuz Dad had to clean it all up, and in the process, his hyperactive gag reflex kicked in so that he was retching uncontrollably, he got poop on his pants and socks, banged his head on a cabinet and bent a toenail in half. Anyway he's fine now, and the carpets are fine. But I hope that never happens again!

So how's that for a crazy weekend, folks? Hope yours was full of fun, adventure and mischief like mine was!!


At October 16, 2007 at 1:17 PM , Blogger cuttibebe said...

I tried cutting Daisy (my imperial shih tzu)'s hair last night, I even bought a pair of scissors from PetSmart (no difference with the ones that cut human hair). But I don't know how to cut her hair on top..

She has very soft hair, so when it grows long, it falls on her eye lashes and it's just annoying to look at.

Do you know how to cut shih tzu's hair?

At October 16, 2007 at 3:10 PM , Blogger Christina H. said...

Ha! No clue. I totally make it up. I basically buy regular craft scissors at the drugstore or Walmart, as long as the blade is sharp.

I just trim around Oscar's eyes, nose and mouth, and also between his toes. Then I just clip here and there depending on what looks grown out.

Keep in mind this advice might or might not apply to Daisy. Oscar is a mutt, and his hair sort of has this fluffy poodle quality to it, and is different from that fine, silky hair of a pure bred shih tzu.

Maybe you could go to the bookstore and read up? They have dog grooming books that help you do it on your own depending on breed.

Good luck!


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