Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You Think I Might Have a Future in Exterior Decorating?

Today has been a fun day so far. I ate some kibble, pooped in the yard, swatted my tennis ball around and barked at people from the top of the couch (don't tell Mom about that last part).

Then Mom left for Home Depot to buy some Autumn decorations for our front porch. She locked me in the kitchen with the doggie gate, but I escaped while she was away. She was so surprised when I greeted her at the door when she came home!

Mom and I played with some different variations on the mums and pumpkins that she bought. I don't know, take a look -- what do you think?

We finally settled on this look.

Mom said I was a very good little helper, but boy am I wiped! No more decorating for me for a while!


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