Thursday, August 30, 2007

Picky Eater

Last night, I thought I'd treat the little guy to a special meal, a meal to end all meals, at least in doggyworld. He's a canine and all, but I figured that at some point he must get really tired of eating the same old kibble every single day.

(Though, granted, he does eat premium all-natural kibble from a specialty dog store in Wilton. Oh no, don't say we don't treat our little Oscarman like a king. Because we do. Oh yes, the Oscarman is one lucky lucky dog.)

So I chopped up some delicious apple and sprinkled it into his bowl, thinking he was going to LOVE it.

Instead, do you want to know what the little man did? He proceeded to pick out,
one by one, each tiny piece of apple and set it gingerly on the kitchen floor. He was actually quite polite in his refusal to eat the apple, but it did hurt Mom's feelings just a little bit.

I mean, what happened to that ingrained wolf instinct to scarf down all of their food? Clearly, this doggy has been spoiled.

Or else my cooking is just that bad.


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